50 million people in Germany have complete vaccination against the coronavirus, but there should be even more. Chancellor candidate Scholz is also promoting this, but he chooses an unusual choice of words during an interview. For this he has received sharp criticism from the Union.

Finance Minister and SPD Chancellor candidate Olaf Scholz advertised vaccination against Covid-19 with unusual words: “50 million have now been vaccinated twice. We were all guinea pigs for those who have waited so far. That is why I say as one of these 50 million – It went well! Please join in, “said Scholz in an interview with NRW local radio stations.

CDU General Secretary Paul Ziemiak criticized Scholz for his choice of words. “Anyone who (…) describes 50 million vaccinated citizens as guinea pigs lowers confidence in the effectiveness of the vaccine,” Ziemiak told “Focus”. One must be able to expect seriousness and a careful choice of words from a Vice Chancellor on such a sensitive topic.

A week ago, at an election campaign event, Scholz called for people to be convinced of the vaccination and made a similar statement: “We all liked to be your guinea pigs – we did well with the vaccination, now please do it too.” According to a statement from the broadcasting network, Scholz confirmed the plans of the grand coalition for the employer to provide information about the vaccination status of employees in daycare centers, schools and nursing homes at the NRW local radio stations.

In the discussion on how to improve protection for groups of the population that are particularly worthy of protection, “such an opportunity naturally also serves to query the status, which then also creates opportunities for the test offers to be used extensively,” said Scholz.

However, the SPD politician rejected an expansion to all professional groups. “This is a very significant intervention.” Scholz described the basic rule that employees do not have to give their employer any information about their own health aspects as “sensible”. The interview is to be broadcast on Saturday (September 4th) from 1 p.m. on the 45 local radio stations in North Rhine-Westphalia – including Antenne Düsseldorf and Radio Köln.