Despite the agreement of the Ampel coalitioners, the SPD party congress of the FDP is to take away the already promised finance ministry in the new federal government – at least that’s what members are now calling for in a draft resolution (available from BILD) for the federal congress from December 10th to 12th!

Application number aoBPT002: Behind this inconspicuous abbreviation hides a frontal attack from the SPD on the liberal junior partner in the desired traffic light coalition, which has already been sealed by the party leaders of the Social Democrats, Greens and FDP.

The unequivocal demand from comrades of the Berlin SPD district Lichtenberg: “Ministry of finance not to the FDP”. The application, which the responsible commission is supposed to discuss on Friday (December 3rd), was submitted by the “Department Fennpfuhl”, one of the six districts – with a tough reason.

The paper: a frontal attack on FDP leader Christian Lindner (42), who is nothing less than a “systematic danger” for Germany and the “European idea”. Above all, the liberals’ commitment to the debt brake and sound EU budgetary policy is criticized.

► Literally it says: “A (…) unsolid and forced return to the debt rules of the Maastricht era (…) would make necessary public investments on the entire continent impossible.” This means a weakening in the fight “against the pandemic and climate change” .

The SPD applicants continue to write: “The risk that an FDP finance minister could prevent important infrastructure measures with his right of veto appears to us to be very high. This could endanger the future of our country. “

Indirectly, the comrades also attacked the decision to waive tax increases by their own negotiating team and Chancellor-designate Olaf Scholz (63). It says: “In order to pay for the investments in climate protection, an increase in the top tax rate would actually be necessary.”

And: “Only a social democratic or green finance ministry would allow us to deliver on our goals, ideas and campaign promises.”

The FDP has so far not commented on the application, even at the request of BILD. From SPD circles it is said that the push has little chance of success.