In view of the corona maximum values, a majority of Germans keep it loud ARD Germany trend wrong to lift the mask requirement. Citizens are divided on the question of tougher Russia sanctions.

The number of new corona infections is increasing significantly – at the same time, the traffic light coalition with its majority in the Bundestag wants to phase out many protective measures, including the obligation to wear masks in shops and restaurants.

Loud ARD Germany trend for the morning magazine 61 percent of Germans think it is wrong to lift the mask requirement at the moment, a good third (36 percent) think it is right.

While younger people under the age of 35 are most likely to think the planned abolition is correct (48 percent to 48 percent), criticism clearly outweighs the criticism, especially among older people over 65 years of age. Three quarters of them (73 percent) think lifting the mask requirement is wrong, only a quarter (24 percent) thinks it’s right.

The majority of supporters of the SPD (83 percent) and Greens (81 percent), but also of the CDU/CSU (69 percent) are critical of lifting the mask requirement. The FDP supporters are divided on the question: 47 percent think the step is right, 48 percent wrong. Only the supporters of the AfD currently consider a repeal to be correct in a large majority (74 percent).

No energy from Russia? Split image

Dealing with Russia in the face of the invasion of Ukraine was also part of the survey. What is currently being discussed in public – an immediate ban on imports of Russian natural gas and oil to Germany – has met with mixed reactions among Germans. 44 percent would currently support him, 45 percent not.

The majority of supporters of the AfD (85 percent) and FDP (57 percent) are against an import ban. 50 percent of SPD supporters would support such an embargo, and 51 percent of Union supporters. A majority of the supporters of the Greens (73 percent) support an import ban.

Sunday question: Union just ahead of the SPD

There is hardly any movement on the Sunday question. SPD and CDU/CSU are in a neck-and-neck race. As two weeks ago, the SPD comes to 25 percent, the Union is just ahead with 26 percent. The Greens again gain slightly by one percentage point and come to 17 percent, while the left loses one percentage point and slips to 4 percent.

The FDP remains unchanged at 9 percent and the AfD also unchanged at 11 percent. The governing coalition of SPD, Greens and FDP has 51 percent of the votes.

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Universe: Eligible voters in Germany
Collection method: Random telephone and online survey
Survey period: March 15-16, 2022
number of cases: 1254 respondents (820 telephone interviews and 434 online interviews)
Weighting: according to sociodemographic characteristics and recollection of voting behavior; Sunday question with separate weighting
Fault Tolerance: 2* to 3** percentage points
Implementing institute: infratest dimap

* with a share value of 10 percent ** with a share value of 50 percent

Results are rounded to whole percentages to avoid false expectations of precision. Because for all representative surveys, fluctuation ranges must be taken into account. In the case of a survey with 1000 respondents, these amount to around three percentage points for large parties and around one point for smaller parties. In addition, the rounding error is significant for small parties. For these reasons, no party below three percent is shown in the Sunday question.