Nobody expected this announcement

So far, the candidates of the new “Love Island” season flirted with the handbrake on. Even between the current couples, the fire is only on the back burner. In order to finally get the residents on their toes, RTL2 now took the necessary steps and separated the fresh couples of the love island.

A lesson that had washed itself. A message was announced to the islanders: “You are currently on Lonely Island. That is over. ”In plain language: The current couples are history. Everyone can orientate themselves differently.

No sooner had the boys and girls digested the shock than they had to form new constellations. The highlight: The duos were handcuffed to each other and were supposed to overcome a very special flirting course together.

Tattoo fan Martin (29) and fitness model Andrina (28) tackled the tasks as a fresh couple. Because both had already flirted violently with each other. At station one they smell a massage for each other. The Swiss ex-“Bachelorette” sighed as she stroked the back of her dream man. “You have full soft skin. That’s really cool. “

But that wasn’t all. At the next stop, there were sex toys ready, which should at least stimulate the imagination of the residents. Martin reveals to Andrina: “I like to tell you where to go.” The personnel consultant from Gütersloh also let her know: “It is important to me that both of them come during sex.”

Other islanders also indulged in deep talk. Womanizer Jannik (26) had grabbed newcomer Selina (23). Looking at the sex toy, he grinned: “I suppose you don’t have something like that at home.” Office clerk Robin (24), on the other hand, enjoyed the open-air shower with his chosen one Jess (23) at station four.

Everything could have been like this, but “Love Island” had an ace up its sleeve. The following mating ceremony threw everything over again. In a secret voting, the candidates should name their favorites. Only when the interest is returned by the other was there a match.

In this way, however, only Andrina and Martin found each other for the time being. Jannik chose his “old” flame Lena (24), but she no longer wanted him. So the tram driver stayed single for the time being. With others, too, the voting did not match and instead made for long faces.

“Love Island” has saved the second part of the pairing spectacle for the next episode. One thing is clear, however: If you stay alone too long in the flirting paradise, you have to pack your bags.