Since the beginning of the holidays, there has been complete chaos at BER. Berlin-Brandenburg Airport is completely overloaded, long queues in front of the check-in counters strain the passengers’ nerves, and some passengers even missed their machines.

So far, according to BER, you should plan two hours for the procedure. Now Lufthansa recommends being at the airport four (!) Hours before departure! As the Berliner Morgenpost reports, a Lufthansa customer who wanted to fly from Berlin to Frankfurt am Main received an email informing them of the longer waiting times.

“Due to the increased number of passengers at the beginning of the holiday, there may be longer waiting times at the check-in counters and at the security controls at Berlin Airport,” wrote Lufthansa. “For this reason we would like to ask you to arrive at the airport at least 240 minutes before departure.”

You would get to your destination a lot faster by train: the ICE Sprinter takes 3.52 hours from Berlin to Frankfurt.

All those involved looked to each other on Monday to blame for the chaos at BER.

At BER, only one of three passenger terminals is currently open for cost reasons: the main terminal T1. As before, those responsible assume that the capacities there will be sufficient as long as the staffing level is not too thin. A short-term opening of Terminal T2, which was completed last year, is currently not planned.

In fact, it is primarily the lack of staff that poses challenges for the entire aviation industry in Germany. “As a result of the multiple lockdowns at the airport locations, many employees have terminated their employment or are no longer available due to expired contracts,” states the ADV Airport Association. “New hires for companies with short-time work are mostly not possible.” The economic situation of the companies is too tense.