Second ARD election arena, again questions from 60 voters at prime time, this time with the SPD chancellor candidate Olaf Scholz (62).

And the Federal Finance Minister maneuvered his way through topics such as pensions, minimum wages and the educational deficit of children due to the corona lockdown in his typically bureaucratic, monotonous manner.

So there were no special incidents until an outside shot of the Kultur-Werft in Lübeck – where the ARD election arenas all take place – ended in a loud clanking for seconds.

NDR editor-in-chief Andreas Cichowicz allegedly resolved the uncertainty and guesswork on social media after a few minutes: “I can reassure everyone, it was just an outside camera that fell over, unfortunately the noise was transmitted in here. But as you can see, we are all still lively. ”

In fact, it was an ARD camera drone. According to BILD information, an ARD drone pilot flew against the facade of the Kultur-Werft in Lübeck. The drone then crashed, as was briefly shown in the TV picture.

Finger in the Wirecard wound

After the drone crash, the show also picked up a bit: A tax officer from Lübeck pressed his finger into Scholz’s wound – more precisely into his four large wounds!

“G20 summit in Hamburg, CumEx scandal, Warburg-Bank Hamburg and then, last year, the Wirecard scandal,” the polling arena guest listed.

Scholz’s great advantage in the election campaign was that his mistakes were hardly discussed in public because they were too long ago or “the citizens hardly understand them because the economic situation is difficult,” the tax officer continued.

He finally asked the SPD candidate for chancellor whether he could still express his confidence in the SPD and thus Scholz in the election.

“Clear answer,” said Scholz and began with his answer, which was anything but clear …

“When such a big fraud takes place, like the one that took place at Wirecard, where management invents billions in sales, for years the auditors who look at the figures every year with many, many men and women checking balance sheets, nothing see, that’s always an occasion to make sure that things are reorganized, ”explained Scholz.

Laws have been changed so that companies and auditors change more frequently, that auditing and consulting are separate and that the Bafin supervisory authority can now examine companies without notice and is better equipped for this and has a new boss. Scholz’s conclusion: “I’m pretty sure we did it well.”

The three other scandals mentioned – the riots around the G20 summit in Hamburg, the billions evaded taxes of the CumEx fraudsters and the Hamburg Warburg Bank involved in them – the SPD candidate for chancellor did not address.

Only when asked, did Scholz finally answer the question whether he could still be voted despite these mistakes: “My answer is yes.”