Jamal Musiala has apparently been vaccinated. The FC Bayern youngster hesitated for a long time to get a vaccination. The reasons for his concerns.

Munich – Bayern are vaccinated again. Two of the five Bayern players who have not yet been vaccinated are said to have received their first injection. These are apparently Jamal Musiala and Serge Gnabry, like him Kicker announced during the Champions League game of Munich in Kiev (2: 1) on Tuesday evening.

That leaves Joshua Kimmich, Eric-Maxim Choupo-Moting and Michael Cuisance, according to information from image Kimmich and Cuisance are seriously considering vaccinating against the coronavirus. Musiala has already decided to take this step. The Bayern youngster initially had reasons against it and hesitated to vaccinate. In the past few weeks, however, there has been a rethink.

Jamal Musiala: Bayern youngster hesitated with vaccination

Musiala has the Kicker according to initially based on the official recommendation of the Standing Vaccination Commission (STIKO). Up until August, this had not considered vaccination necessary for children and adolescents under the age of 18 because the risk of severe Covid courses was considered to be low. Musiala did not come of age until February 26th.

Some footballers are unsure about vaccination. Your own body is your capital, every competitive athlete knows that. Musiala also had to deal with the situation and ultimately got loud Kicker opted for vaccination. For this he apparently obtained several medical opinions, including from national team doctor Prof. Dr. Tim Meyer and from Bavaria’s team doctor Prof. Dr. Roland Schmidt. There were also other doctors and experts in immunology and functional medicine who care for top athletes as well as patients with long covid and vaccine damage.

Jamal Musiala prefers vaccination

According to the report, the only 18-year-old Musiala had already thought about the vaccination in late summer when the Stiko extended its vaccination recommendation to the age group of twelve to 17-year-olds. The problem: The season was already in full swing, a vaccination during the game would have meant a break.

Meyer and his doctor colleagues are said to have recently issued a joint letter of recommendation from the DFL and DFB to the Bundesliga players who are still undecided or have not been completely vaccinated. The explosive content: Please reconsider your individual vaccination decision during the winter break. This amounted to a clear recommendation to do so during this period. In the letter, Meyer and colleagues clearly advised against vaccination in high-performance phases before the winter break.

Jamal Musiala fully vaccinated at the start of the second half – Bayern coach Nagelsmann is happy

After all the discussions about the unvaccinated players in the last few days, Musiala received the first vaccination from one of the FC Bayern team doctors. The second prick should then take place during the winter break, so Musiala would be fully vaccinated for the start of the second half of the season on January 7th.

FCB coach Julian Nagelsmann was happy about the allegedly willing players. “It would be a first step,” said the 34-year-old after the game in Kiev. “A very good one for Serge, because he has already recovered and therefore received full vaccination protection earlier. It would take a while with Jamal, but you have to take the first step before the second. ”Gnabry is considered to have recovered from a corona infection in spring and, unlike Musiala, only needs an injection. Now it would be Kimmich, Cuisance and Choupo-Moting next.