The ordnance disposal service defused a bomb that was found on private property a few days ago. In Kiel and Schönkirchen around 2,000 people had to leave their homes.

When it was ensured that no one was in the area, the experts from the ordnance disposal service began to defuse the approximately 500-kilogram dud. It had a head and tail fuse. The ordnance disposal service predicted an uncomplicated defusing – and so it was. After less than an hour, the residents were able to return to their homes.

B502 remained passable, rail traffic paused

The evacuation area extended as far as the B502 – but the main road itself was still passable. The situation was different with rail traffic: it was temporarily suspended because the location of the bomb is very close to the Kiel-Oppendorf train stop – trains usually go to Kiel Central Station from there. The residents had to leave the marked area. The police set up roadblocks so that no one could drive into the restricted area.

Toni Jensen Community School is substitute accommodation

The sports hall of the Toni Jensen Community School at Masurenring 9 in Kiel served as substitute accommodation. A mouth and nose protection had to be worn there.

Bomb had been noticed during construction plans for a carport

An excavator prepares a bomb disposal in a playground.  Photo: Ronald Rathje

A carport was supposed to be there, but then experts discovered a bomb in the Rathjes’ garden.

Experts came across the bomb with the help of aerial photographs. Because the family who lives on the property wanted to build a carport in the garden. The first suspicion was borne out by a soil sounding: There is a dud in the garden at a depth of more than two meters. Difficult to believe for family man Ronald Rathje: “How likely is it that something like this will happen in your own garden?”