What began as a fairy tale ended dramatically: The life of Princess Diana provided the material for “Spencer”. Now the film with Kristen Stewart in the lead role celebrated its premiere at the Venice Festival – and caused a lot of enthusiasm.

The dazzling and tragic life of Princess Diana fascinates many of us to this day: their fairytale wedding, the divorce from Prince Charles and early death after a car accident in Paris. Now, just a few days after the 24th anniversary of her death, a drama about Diana was presented at the Venice Film Festival, which was largely financed and shot in Germany. Hollywood star Kristen Stewart took over the main role.

“Spencer”, as the film is called based on Diana’s maiden name, tells of the Christmas holidays in 1991. The British royal family meets in Sandringham House, alongside Diana and Charles, the Queen and two young sons William and Harry are there. But what could be a contemplative vacation is here to be the turning point in Diana’s life: She decides to separate from Charles and thus also to give up her life in the tight corset as a royal.

Kristen Stewart: “I know the feeling”

In fact, Stewart could in some ways identify with Diana’s experience, as she recounted in Venice on Friday. After all, the relationships and separations of the “Twilight”-Stars in the past have made headlines again and again.” I know the feeling that you cannot control a situation or how people think of you. “If you feel cornered, it is normal to show your teeth At Diana she admired the way she “wore her heart on her tongue,” said Stewart. She stood out with a twinkle that there weren’t many people like her.

The Chilean director Pablo Larraín also concentrates entirely on the character of Diana in his film, which was shot in Brandenburg and North Rhine-Westphalia, among others. Almost every setting is dedicated to her, other people rarely appear. With that, the entire burden of the film rests on 31-year-old Kristen Stewart. The blonde hair, the distinctive engagement ring, the slightly hunched shoulders: the similarity with which the American embodies the icon is visually surprising. You can also tell from her playing how much she has dealt with Diana’s movements and gestures.

“It is not surprising that you want to break out of this world”

It is also exciting how Larraín, who with “Jackie” already presented a drama about the first wife Jacqueline Kennedy, creates an increasingly claustrophobic atmosphere. Diana’s clothes hang ready for every dinner and every meeting, the family follows a fixed schedule. All employees seem to be watching Diana, at some point even her curtains are sewn up. The fact that you want to break out of this world, this narrowness, does not surprise you while watching.

Nevertheless, this narrative style and the focus on Diana are also the weakness of the film. Ultimately, Stewart cannot carry the film the entire length – but at the end of the film it remains to be seen how trapped and desperate her character might have felt.

In any case, “Spencer” was very well received by the audience in Venice. Above all, the performance by Kristen Stewart caused enthusiasm. When the credits of the film ran, the audience could hardly be held on site. They cheered and rewarded the actress with a three-minute standing ovation. It is already speculated whether the role Kristen Stewart could bring in an Oscar nomination.