Left recommends talks
Berlin SPD and Greens for coalition negotiations

The state executive committee of the Berlin SPD decides to start coalition negotiations. The Greens join in. The third in the league – the left – also speak out in favor of the negotiations, but do not vote until Tuesday. Talks are due to begin on Friday.

The Berlin SPD has cleared the way for coalition negotiations with the Greens and the Left. A good three weeks after the election to the Berlin House of Representatives, their state executive unanimously voted in favor of starting talks with the two parties, as the SPD announced, even before the board meeting was over. The Greens joined a little later. At the state committee meeting in the evening, there was no vote against the decision on the coalition negotiations and only one abstention.

Greens state chairman Werner Graf said at the meeting: “It has been shown that this is the alliance that we can say from the bottom of our hearts that it is the best for Berlin.” The SPD, the Greens and the Left have been ruling Berlin since 2016. The Left will decide at an extraordinary party congress on Tuesday whether to continue the previous coalition. At its meeting in the evening, the left state executive made a recommendation to start coalition negotiations with the SPD and the Greens.

SPD state chairman Franziska Giffey said after the meeting of the state executive of her party that coalition negotiations should begin this week. Last but not least, finances should be discussed: “The official start is on Friday,” said Giffey. Then 16 specialist working groups are to be set up.

“Budget, financial framework, financial feasibility”

“We will decide on the schedule and will deal with the financial issue again in great detail in order to determine the framework,” said the SPD politician, who wants to become the governing mayor of Berlin. “We deliberately said that the budget, financial framework and financial feasibility must be at the beginning of these coalition negotiations.” In addition, according to Giffey, all guidelines from the joint exploratory paper should be “substantiated”.

At the end of the exploratory talks on Friday, the SPD, the Greens and the Left agreed on 19 guidelines. In it, they basically agreed, among other things, to make teaching staff official, more posts for the police, more housing, a functioning administration and a “decade of investment”.

In addition, the new Senate is to set up a commission of experts to examine how the referendum for the expropriation of large housing companies can be implemented. At the same time as the House of Representatives election, a clear majority of voters voted in favor of the referendum.