Freedom Day has been postponed for now. Nevertheless, there is also a significant relaxation in Baden-Württemberg. Mask requirements and the 3G rule will remain in place for a transitional period.

In Baden-Württemberg, important corona requirements will no longer apply from this Saturday. There are no longer any restrictions on private meetings, even for the unvaccinated. In addition, there can be full stadiums or concert halls again: the number of spectators or guests no longer has to be limited at events. This is provided for by the country’s new Corona regulation, which the State Ministry announced on Friday evening. The ordinance comes into force this Saturday and thus lifts these requirements one day earlier than planned nationwide.

Masks are compulsory until at least April 2nd

The country is implementing the new Infection Protection Act that was passed in the Bundestag and Bundesrat on Friday. It actually envisages the end of most federal circulations. But the green-black state government is still using a transitional rule, with which the mask requirement and access restrictions should remain in place for at least two weeks – until April 2nd. She wants to break the current wave of infections.

Nationwide, the mask requirement will continue to apply in nursing homes, clinics and local transport for the foreseeable future. In the southwest, at least until April 2nd, FFP2 masks are mandatory indoors. Masks should also continue to be worn in schools and daycare centers, at least for the two-week transitional period.

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Nothing should change in the existing 3G rule during the transition period until the beginning of April. That means: Anyone who wants to go to a restaurant, a trade fair, an exhibition and many other areas of public life must be vaccinated, tested or recovered. Clubs and discotheques are only allowed to be entered by people who have been vaccinated or who have recovered and who can show a current test.

Prime Minister Winfried Kretschmann (Greens) again criticized the fact that the traffic light government in the federal government changed the law in such a way that most of the corona protection rules are no longer applicable. “The new federal infection protection law does not fit the current corona situation,” said Kretschmann. The transitional rule is therefore applied “in order to at least break the current wave as quickly as possible.”