Leipzig / Berlin – After the outcry about anti-Semitism allegations in the Leipzig hotel “The Westin”, singer Gil Ofarim (39) is threatened. According to his own statements, he is said to have been under police protection in the meantime.

The musician told this on Monday evening on the TV show “Zervakis & Opdenhövel. Live. ”“ Yesterday the police suddenly stood in my cloakroom and asked for information about where I was going to spend the night. Then I was escorted by the very friendly officers. A bus in front of me, a bus behind me. “

A week ago Gil Ofarim posted a video in which the Jewish singer describes how he was passed over at check-in in a Leipzig hotel because he was wearing a Star of David. Since then, he has openly received threats and hate messages. “I got a message yesterday: ‘You will be at the forefront of the next purge, my friend’.”

What happened?

Gil Ofarim sits with tears in his eyes in front of the entrance to the hotel “The Westin” in Leipzig. He was in the Saxony metropolis for the shooting of an MDR program. But what he apparently had to find out in the luxury hotel on Monday evening stunned. In an Instagram video, the singer explains that he has just been discriminated against because of the Star of David on his necklace.

“I’m speechless right now,” says the musician and son of the Israeli music legend Abi Ofarim († 2018), describing the situation. There was a huge queue at reception because the computer wasn’t working. “It can happen, anything is fine,” emphasizes Ofarim.

Employee on leave

Two “Westin” employees were then given precautionary leave. One of the two has since filed a complaint against Ofarim himself for defamation. The man described the incident with the artist Gil Ofarim in a very different way, according to a police spokesman last Wednesday.

In order to completely clarify the process, the “Westin” called on a well-known law firm. “Then we will react in terms of labor law or civil law,” explains hotel manager Andreas Hachmeister (58). Means: A lawsuit against Ofarim cannot be ruled out either!

On Tuesday, the singer should be questioned by the police as a witness to the incident in Munich. He announced that he would file a complaint against the hotel employee at the same time.