The strike of the train drivers at Deutsche Bahn continues. The regional labor court in Frankfurt on Friday in the second instance rejected Deutsche Bahn’s application for an injunction, with which the company wanted to stop the labor dispute.

Claus Weselsky, head of the German Locomotive Drivers’ Union (GDL), was satisfied with the decision of the regional labor court and again handed it out against the board of directors of Deutsche Bahn. “Direct your frustration and direct your anger against those who have tried by all means to trample on fundamental rights in this country and have tried by all means to stop this union, which is waging an upright labor dispute,” said Weselsky.

Appeal for an amicable agreement went to the GDL

The railway regretted the judge’s verdict. According to the announcement, HR director Martin Seiler said: “In the interests of our customers, we have done everything to ensure that the GDL gives up its blockade of collective bargaining. The Frankfurt Labor Court urgently called for an amicable settlement yesterday. Top.”

The labor court had already ruled against Bahn

In the first instance, the Frankfurt Labor Court had rejected the application of the railway on Thursday evening. A spokeswoman said that it could not be established with sufficient certainty in the urgent procedure that the strike was “pursuing inadmissible collective bargaining goals,” said a spokeswoman. Previously, the attempt by the presiding judge to bring both sides in the wage dispute back to the negotiating table with a settlement had failed.

Rail travelers must expect restrictions

Rail traffic is also in Lower Saxony, Hamburg, Schleswig-Holstein and Mecklenburg-Western Pomerania continue to be severely restricted. In regional and S-Bahn traffic, around 40 percent of the trains are on the move, the group announced on Friday morning. Due to the different strike participation, the offer fluctuates regionally: There could be stronger restrictions – similar to the previous strikes – in the eastern federal states and some metropolitan regions. For the weekend, the railroad expects a slight expansion of the timetable offer in long-distance traffic from 25 to 30 percent. Long-distance trains between Rostock, Berlin and Dresden should also be on the way on Saturday and Sunday. One thing is certain: According to Deutsche Bahn, travelers must expect restrictions and full trains in the coming days. In the run-up to the strike, the railway advised to postpone unnecessary trips. A replacement timetable has been in place since the start of the strike. The freight traffic has been on strike since Wednesday afternoon. Passenger traffic has also been affected since Thursday morning. The union has only announced the end of the actions for next Tuesday morning.

Bahn submitted a new offer to GDL

Shortly after the third round of strike in freight traffic, the railway had submitted a new offer on Wednesday afternoon. It includes a corona premium of up to 600 euros and a term of the collective agreement of 36 months, it said from railway circles. The offer was submitted to GDL in writing. A corona bonus of 600 euros is one of the union’s most important demands. The GDL does not want to go beyond 28 months for the duration. In addition, the first tariff level of 1.7 percent is to be paid out for the current year.

GDL boss Weselsky: Offer not acceptable

The GDL refused the offer. Weselsky: “This offer cannot be accepted by anybody and, above all, by a trade union in the world.” From the point of view of the GDL chairman, the group demands that the scope of the collective agreement be restricted so that it does not apply to new members. “The aim of the railway board is to destroy the existence of the GDL,” said Weselsky. The content of the offer is also not acceptable. So it contains a zero round for this year.

Bahn suspects political and legal goals

The railway suspects political and legal objectives behind the five-day strike of the GDL, which cannot be regulated in a collective agreement. Also in November 2014, the railway sued against ongoing GDL strikes in the collective bargaining round at the time. At that time, the railway argued that the industrial action would cause disproportionately high damage – in vain.

Tickets can be used flexibly

Due to the strike, extended goodwill rules apply: booked tickets can be used in long-distance transport until September 17th, the train connection for budget prices is canceled. Alternatively, tickets can be refunded free of charge. Before starting their journey, customers should find out about the planned connection, for example on the Deutsche Bahn website. Once again, the railway set up the free passenger hotline at 08000 99 66 33 a.