D.Some politicians have already given up the fight against the towering fourth “brilliant” Corona wave (RKI boss Wieler) and for a significantly higher vaccination rate than before. Berlin’s Governing Mayor Michael Müller has now resignedly stated that the possibilities of winning over the previous 62 percent of those who have been completely vaccinated in addition to millions of undecided people in the next few weeks for the life and health-protecting Piks are “exhausted”.

He is partly right with his bitter record of the vaccination campaign that has almost come to a standstill. There was really no lack of factual information and education on all channels on the subject of vaccination, in talk shows and in social networks. But the arguments widespread there and the daily routine vaccination appeals from politics and science only reached those who were already open to the benefits of the vaccines developed in record time. And those almost 55 million citizens willing to vaccinate were mostly willing to go to the vaccination centers and medical practices, often tedious and time-consuming.

But what is missing at a crucial point and what other countries have shown with higher vaccination rates are “simple opportunities” to vaccinate, as Health Minister Jens Spahn self-critically admits less than three weeks before the federal election. The “low-threshold vaccination offers” announced months ago, especially for young people who are now particularly affected by infections, are still rare and poorly communicated. Why are there still no vaccination vehicles in front of supermarkets, in pedestrian zones and shopping malls?

It is questionable whether this fatal omission can now be remedied with the national “week of action” announced by Spahn in order to stop the “pandemic of the unvaccinated” with an ambitious five million vaccinations before the federal election. It would be wise, as in Hamburg, to give younger people a very practical and realistic reason for vaccination with the 2-G model. Only those who have been vaccinated can enter restaurants, cinemas or clubs. But that would be too much stick instead of a carrot in the election campaign.