Pension, minimum wage, top tax rate: Olaf Scholz looks to the left – at least from the audience’s point of view

Source: Getty Images / Alexandra Beier

He looks confident of victory. In an interview, the SPD chancellor candidate Olaf Scholz mentions conditions for a coalition agreement a week before the general election. He also specifies his intentions for the top tax rate.

S.PD Chancellor candidate Olaf Scholz has for the first time specifically named how high the top tax rate for income tax should rise under a government he leads: “The top tax rate, which then only takes effect later, could rise by three points to 45 percent,” said Scholz “Bild am Sonntag”. No specific percentage is given in the SPD election manifesto.

Scholz emphasized that in return he wanted to relieve 95 percent of taxpayers. Singles who earned less than 100,000 euros gross per year and married people with less than 200,000 euros gross would pay less.

Scholz: “We can only finance that by moderately raising taxes for those who earn considerably more. Because people who earn as much as I do or much more can make a slightly higher contribution to the financing of our community. “

Scholz names specific conditions

He also made the increase in the minimum wage and a pension guarantee a condition for a future coalition agreement. “I promise the citizens: With me as Chancellor, the minimum wage will be raised to twelve euros next year. And I guarantee: The pension level will remain stable and the retirement age will not continue to rise, ”said Scholz.

This will be a condition for every coalition: “Without that it will not work! Everyone can rest assured that a government I lead will do just that. ”

“As true as God help me” – Scholz would not say

In the same interview, Scholz announced that, in the event of his election as Federal Chancellor, he would dispense with the addition “As true as God help me” when he was sworn in. “I’ve never done that before,” he said of his swearing-in as Minister and First Mayor of Hamburg. But he emphasized that the values ​​of Christianity were of central importance to him: “That we humans are responsible for one another. That we have to be fair to each other. Let’s call it solidarity or charity. These values ​​of Christianity shape me very much. “