Ex-US President Trump has sued that documents relating to the storming of the Capitol are published. Meanwhile, the investigative committee is considering indicting Trump’s ex-advisor Bannon.

Former US President Donald Trump wants to prevent the release of documents ordered by his successor Joe Biden to assault his supporters on the Capitol with a lawsuit. In the complaint, Trump accuses Biden of making records available to the Congressional Committee of Inquiry on “an almost limitless scale”.

With a “political trick” he wanted to please his clientele by refusing to assert executive privilege “for clearly privileged documents requested by the committee”.

Executive privilege also for ex-presidents?

“The committee’s request is tantamount to a harassing, illegal sniffing tour,” said the complaint filed in a Washington court. The investigation against Trump was “unconstitutional,” the lawsuit said. The former president invokes the so-called executive privilege in his actions. This allows a president to keep certain documents secret.

However, legal experts disagree on whether the privilege also applies to a former president. Even if Trump’s legal defeat is considered likely, the lawsuit could delay the Congressional investigative committee’s investigation for months or years. Radical Trump supporters stormed the Capitol in January when the election victory of Democrat Joe Biden in the presidential election on November 3 was to be certified there. Five people were killed.

Lawsuit against Bannon?

The committee of inquiry wants to determine how it came about the storm of the Capitol by supporters of Trump on January 6th, when in Congress the certification of the election victory of Biden was on the agenda. Former Trump adviser Steve Bannon disregarded a summons from the committee of inquiry last Thursday.

Today the panel wants to vote on whether there should be criminal charges against him for disregarding the subpoena. But that would only be the first step. If the committee recommends an indictment, the plenary session in the predominantly democratic House of Representatives would have to do the same.

The final decision on whether or not there will be an indictment rests with the Justice Department. Bannon was to be asked about a conversation he had with Trump before his supporters stormed the Capitol on January 6, 2021.