F.For James David Vance, the matter is clear. “Joe Biden is a decrepit tyrant,” tweeted the Republican candidate for Ohio’s Senate seat, barely after the US president announced on Thursday that millions of Americans would actually be vaccinated.

“Biden talks about tens of millions of American citizens like they’re bugs. What a disgusting, hideous man, ”Vance added shortly afterwards.

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In addition, Vance, known as a book author (“Hillybilly Elegy”), called on the Americans to “mass civil disobedience” against Biden’s plan. On Friday, Vance appealed to his compatriots about the compulsory vaccination: “Don’t stick to it. If we all ignore this garbage, they won’t be able to enforce it. “

Several top Republican politicians argued similarly to Vance’s. Kristi Noem, governor of South Dakota, prophesied to Biden: “See you in court.” South Dakota will defend “freedom”.

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The Texas Governor Greg Abbott spoke of an “attack on private companies”. Abbott, criticized for strict anti-abortion laws and high electoral barriers, said he would protect Texans’ right to choose whether or not to be vaccinated.

The president’s plans have “no place in America,” said Republican Governor Mark Gordon, Wyoming. He asked the attorney general of his state to take legal action.

Trump wedges against Biden

The sparsely populated Wyoming – half a million inhabitants and an area larger than the United Kingdom – is currently one of the corona hotspots. In Wyoming, ex-President Donald Trump won the presidential election with a good 70 percent, the best result among the 50 states. All states with the highest per capita corona infections are republican strongholds. Their vaccination rates are below the US average, in some cases significantly.

Ex-President Trump had ordered vaccine en masse, but only secretly had himself vaccinated at the end of his term in office. When Trump discreetly advised vaccinations at a rally in the upright Republican Alabama (vaccination rate: 40 percent) at the end of August, he received boos.

Prescribing vaccinations is “simply un-American,” wrote ex-President Trump on Friday in an email to supporters. The left wanted to control everything: “First they wanted to prescribe masks, and now they prescribe vaccinations – can you believe that?” Trump wrote that Biden “does not care about you or your freedoms”.

Protest planned in Washington

As expected, the right-wing television broadcaster Fox News raised the mood against the expansion of the compulsory vaccination. “Crazy” is the plan, said Matt Schlapp, chairman of the American Conservative Union, on Friday at Fox. He pointed out that the US has a written constitution that does not allow this.

At a rally planned for September 18 in Washington, the anger of those who opposed the compulsory vaccination could discharge. The event (motto: “Justice for J6”) is to be demonstrated for those accused as a result of the riots on January 6th. Right-wing extremist groups plan to participate. Vaccination opponents could join.

Meanwhile, President Biden rejected the criticism of his compulsory vaccination on Friday. He said he was disappointed that some Republican governors were so careless about the health of community children. “This is not a game,” said Biden. He does not know of any scientist in this field who does not consider it very useful to follow his suggestions. America as a nation must now “come together”. The vast majority of the American people knew that these things had to be done. “They’re tough, but necessary,” said Biden. They will be enforced.