SV Werder Bremen lost 2-1 to Holstein Kiel and showed an overall poor performance. The players in the individual review – with grades.

Jiri Pavlenka: He quickly got warm in the cool keel, because there was something on the box. Confidently, just like this time with the ball on the foot. Just as hopeless at 0: 1 as at 1: 2. In between with a good parade against Pichler. Note 3

Felix Agu (90 + 3): Surprisingly insecure in his favorite position as a right defender, let himself be outplayed and failed in the build-up of the game. After the break, move forward a little more courageously, but without much effect. Before the 1: 2 he reacted more slowly than goal scorer Pichler after a rebound from the post. Grade 5

Ömer Toprak: Tried very hard to structure, got almost every first ball from goalkeeper Pavlenka. But he rarely managed to get the game going and get his colleagues carried away. Grade 3.5

Marco Friedl: Immediately back in the starting line-up after surviving the corona illness. Took a bit to get up to temperature. Just missed the lead with a header (24th). Did a solid job as a center-back. Grade 3.5

Anthony Jung: On the left side of defense with a lot of mistakes and not close enough to the opponents. In addition, he rarely dared to go forward. Grade 5

Werder Bremen scores against Holstein Kiel: Eren Dinkci too carefree, Niclas Füllkrug with presence of mind

Ilia Gruev (up to 82nd): This time not the sole six, but together with large. Had to watch out for an over-motivated boarding in the opposing half after an early yellow card (12th). Maybe that’s why he was acting so cautiously. Was allowed to shoot the corners, but they didn’t bring in anything. Grade 4

Christian Groß: As a second six, mainly concerned with security, practically only defended in front of the defense and left the offensive to colleagues for a long time. But that’s not enough in this role. Grade 4

Eren Dinkci (up to 70th): For the first time in four games back in the starting line-up and with a very weak performance. Didn’t even come into play on the left. Defended much too carelessly, as well as before the 0: 1 when he did not attack flanker Neumann. But then showed that he can do better than he did not give up before the 1: 1 at Keeper Dähne. Grade 4.5

Leonardo Bittencourt (up to 70th): From the beginning the most noticeable Bremer. First of all because he lost too many balls, a little arrogantly. Then because almost every attack came upon him. Put the colleagues in the limelight, could have made the early 1-0 (12th), but finished too late. Dived after the break because he was apparently tired. The substitution was not surprising. Grade 3.5

Niclas filling jug: Almost nothing came together for him in the first half. But at 1-1 he showed his whole class when he with presence of mind lifted the ball from 30 meters into the empty goal. This means that Füllkrug has been involved in at least one goal in each of the last five games. He almost managed to make it 2-2 with his head (77th). Grade 4

Werder Bremen scores against Holstein Kiel: Marvin Ducksch harmless – substitutions fizzle out

Marvin Ducksch: After a quarter of an hour the striker has to make the 1-0, but his free shot in front of the goal was too harmless. But then quite consequently as a thrower when he put the 1: 1 filling jug on. Only shortly before the end with a good chance, which said a lot about his performance. Grade 4.5

Roger Assalé (70+): Came for Dinkci, but could hardly put himself in the limelight. Grade –

Romano Schmid (from 70th): Replaced Bittencourt on the left and at least brought a bit of speed and wit to the game. Grade –

Oscar Schönfelder (from 82.): Should still make steam, but this substitution also fizzled out. Grade –

Mitchell Weiser (from 90 + 3): Was allowed to run in the final phase. Grade –

Regarding the last message from November 27, 2021:

The Werder Bremen line-up against Holstein Kiel: Eren Dinkci back in the starting line-up

Update (November 27, 2021, 7.30 p.m.): Now the line-ups are here! Eren Dincki plays from the start, Romano Schmid sits on the bench. The whole starting eleven and everything else can be found in the live ticker for Werder Bremen against Holstein Kiel!

Bremen – Christian Brand wants to save himself the call to Danijel Zenkovic. “He’s sick, he should recover. And I don’t want to point out to him, ”said the second interim trainer of SV Werder Bremen about the first interim trainer. Because he was sent to quarantine at home with a corona infection, Brand is responsible for the Bremen team and thus also for the line-up in the game at Holstein Kiel on Saturday. It is not to be expected that he will tinker with the Bremen starting XI. At most, a return of Marco Friedl to the starting line-up and a swap between Mitchell Weiser and Felix Agu seem conceivable.

But the good news is: Ömer Toprak apparently survived his 90-minute game against Schalke 04 without damage. Although it was noticeable during the game how often the captain of Werder Bremen reached out to the problem area Wade, there was no negative feedback from the 32-year-old and therefore no reason for his Starelf use to doubt in Kiel. Brand: “Ömer will definitely play. He knows his body best himself. “

But it therefore remains in the Lineup of SV Werder Bremen also with the triple chain from the Schalke game with Toprak, Anthony Jung and Christian Groß? Friedl has overcome his corona infection and has completed his yellow card suspension and is therefore available again. “Marco has trained well and is a candidate for the team,” says Brand. However: Friedl has only been training unrestrictedly since Wednesday, he did not have much time to catch up on lost fitness in the corona quarantine.

Werder Bremen line-up against Holstein Kiel: Mitchell Weiser or Felix Agu in the starting line-up?

On the right wing, the question arises whether Christian Brand in Kiel (“I certainly won’t turn everything upside down in a week”) in the Starting line-up of SV Werder Bremen Bet on the defensively stronger Agu or the more offensive wise man. Maybe an open race. Otherwise, there is much to suggest that Brand is building on last Saturday’s occupation. With Ilia Gruev in defensive midfield, with Manuel Mbom, Leo Bittencourt and Romano Schmid around him as well as the double top Niclas filling jug and Marvin Ducksch. (csa) So you can watch the second division game between Werder Bremen and Holstein Kiel live on TV!