Bremen – SV Werder Bremen unfortunately loses a heated northern derby against Hamburger SV – in the end it is 0: 2 (0: 1). The Werder professionals in the individual review with grades.

Michael Zetterer: One flank from the left, one from the right, and both times there were headers that descended over him into the net. Zetterer had no chance in each case, but prevented the 0: 3 after the break against Jatta. Note 3

Mitchell Weiser (up to 66th): To sum up his home game premiere in the Weserstadion, one word is enough: catastrophic. At the early 0: 1, the right-back was lured out too early, so opened the page. When Ducksch hit the free-kick, he was standing in the Hamburg Wall – he apparently did not know the distance rule that has been in effect since 2019. It cost Werder 1: 1. And finally, in Moritz Heyer, Weiser’s opponent also headed the 0: 2. Grade 5

Lars Lukas May: Moved into the starting line-up for the injured Ömer Toprak. Mai was not to blame for the fact that Werder had almost lost the game at the break. By then he had won 88 percent of his duels. In the final phase with a missed header chance. Note 3

Werder Bremen in notes: Christian Groß completely over-motivated against Hamburger SV

Milos Veljkovic: In Toprak’s absence, the chief of defense. Couldn’t save anything at 0: 1 either. What is striking, however, is that he cannot establish header sovereignty in the penalty area. Grade 3.5

Anthony Jung (until 73): Far less busy on the left side of defense than Weiser on the other side. He played solidly, but he will no longer be a modern full-back. Grade 4

Christian Gross: A man becomes a victim of his over-motivation! Even the first tackle brought Gross the yellow card. Which is why he then went to work with both feet first against HSV goalkeeper Heuer Fernandes in front of the Hamburger Tor, was a piece of Derby madness. Yellow-red after 31 minutes. So unnecessary. Grade 5

Nicolai Rapp: A fighter and ball thief in midfield, but not one with the big actions. Grade 3.5

Werder Bremen scores against HSV: Niklas Schmidt with a weak performance

Niklas Schmidt (up to 66th): For half an hour he was only noticed by losing the ball. In addition, too weak resistance on the flank, which led to the 0: 2. Schmidt tried to pull the game to himself, but was far from the form of the previous games. Grade 4.5

Romano Schmid: He was involved in most of the Bremen attacks, but far too seldom he had the right idea to turn good approaches into good chances. After all, he provoked HSV’s yellow-red card with his solo. Goal completion remains his great weakness. Grade 4

Abdenego Nankishi (up to 38th): Had to make way for the more defensive Gruev after the big dismissal. Until then, only with a few good approaches as a winger. Grade 4

Marvin Ducksch: He could have been the first Werder professional in ages to convert a free kick directly if Weiser hadn’t been too close to the wall. It was almost the only scene in which Ducksch was close to a hit. Grade 4

Werder Bremen in scores against Hamburger SV: Ilia Gruev with a good performance in the defensive midfield

Ilia Gruev (from 38th): Came to take on the orphaned six and did a good job. Sometimes he lacked the courage to go forward. Grade 3.5

Manuel Mbom (from 66.): Without affecting the game. Grade –

Roger Assalé (from 66.): Introduced himself with a foul, immediately saw yellow. Forgot one more opportunity. Grade –

Niclas Füllkrug (from 73rd): Came as the last hope and indeed: In just four minutes he could have become a Northern Derby hero. He had two top chances, but he didn’t take them.